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Hauteworks Cliq Rear Smart Bicycle Light

Hauteworks Cliq Rear Smart Bicycle Light


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About Hauteworks Cliq Rear Smart Bicycle Light
Engineered Optics: Threats on the road don't always come from the rear. Generic
 tail-lights have a single LED that exposes you to dangerous
 Cliq is built with miniature total internal reflection (TIR) lenses 
and Osram LEDS that makes you brightly visible from both the 
rear and sides.

Smart Brake: Cliq’s smart AI automatically knows when you brake, and
 then triggers a brake light to protect you from vehicles 
behind. No matter the weather, speed, or if you’re going uphill or 
downhill, Cliq watches your back. Cliq detects motion through it’s internal sensor. No
 external parts are required to use the brake function.
The sensitivity of the brake trigger can be configured by 
the user in the mobile app (3 levels of adjustment)

Pattern Customisation: Your riding route and weather are unique. Customize when and 
how your LED glows. 
Turn those flashes up if you're dealing with summer fog. Keep
 your light steady if it's a dry desert night. Each LED can be set
 to one of the five distinct blinking patterns.
 More blinking options will be provided through future updates.

Group Synchronization: Cliq can automatically synchronize its flashing patterns with nearby Cliq lights, making you and fellow riders stand out as a group. Just by enabling the feature within the mobile app, Cliq will synchronize its flashing patterns with nearby lights that also have the feature enabled.

Theft Alert: Cliq detects any harsh, unfamiliar movements on your bike and sends you an alarm via the Rayo app. Your ride will be kept safe.

Mounting: Cliq is ultra-compatible. A universal mounting mechanism lets you put it anywhere: on your bag, belt, seat post, or carabiner.

Dimensions: 67 x 35 x 31mm

Weight: 65g

Light output: 90lm

IP rating: IP67

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy

Material: PC, Silicon

Battery Type: Lithium-polymer, 1,000mAh

Charging: USB, 3.5 hours charge time

Runtime: 20 hours on low brightness, 3 hours on maximum brightness

About Hauteworks
Hauteworks are a tech start-up, founded in 2017 by a group of tech innovators with a passion for mobility, committed to building an ecosystem of smart rides. Their goal is to create high-tech mobility gear that provides a higher level of reliability and safety to personal mobility users in the advancing future road scene. With their in-depth knowledge of advanced sensors, drone algorithms, and 5G networks, they intend to design communication devices that interact with autonomous vehicles and IoT infrastructure.

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