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Vittoria Graphene Rubino Pro Twin Pack Limited Edition 23mm

Vittoria Graphene Rubino Pro Twin Pack Limited Edition 23mm


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About Vittoria Graphene Rubino Pro Twin Pack Limited Edition 23mm

The popular all-round tire is the best in its category with its finely tuned balance of all critical elements that make a great product. Designed for intensive training it is equally suitable for racing events.

The best all-round tire

3 compounds for best speed, grip, and suppleness

Extra anti-puncture protection and suppleness thanks to a thicker tread

Limited Edition Twin Pack Includes:
2 x Graphene Rubino Pro 23mm Tyres

2 x 51mm FV Presta / removable valve core Inner Tubes

Graphene Rubino Pro Features
150 TPI: Casing thread density is measured in threads per inch (one inch=25.4 mm), and known as TPI. The casing is the heart of the tire or tubular and is made of rubber and threads (which may be nylon, cotton, Kevlar, or Corespun).

Standard road tires usually have casings of 24–55 TPI. Vittoria tires and tubulars range from 26 TPI to 320 TPI. Riders in search of higher performance are likelier to choose higher-TPI tires.

For many sporting riders, folding tyres of around 150 TPI are a good all-round compromise of weight, rolling resistance, durability, and comfort. A higher TPI brings the benefit of lower weight and rolling resistance, but at a penalty to durability. Regardless, riders aiming to play harder will usually seek out tubulars and open tubulars with a TPI of 200 or greater.

3C: 3 Compounds (3C) is applied by Vittoria to deliver all-round products without compromise. Vittoria 3C is a layering process, using 3 separate compounds in the same tread. The different properties of each compound, including the G+ Isotech*, allow for the improved experience in all circumstances.

All Conditions: Designed to perform in every road and weather condition, this tire will deliver in all circumstances.

G+ Isotech Compound: G+Isotech®* is Vittoria’s unique Graphene compound with revolutionary G+*, as provided by technology partner Directa Plus. No compromise is necessary with this compound that is superior in speed (rolling resistance), grip, durability and wear resistance.

Vittoria Clincher: The foldable nylon clincher version features wear resistant tread with low rolling resistance, PRB 2.0 breaker for excellent flat protection, Strong Nylon casing of 150TPI.

About Vittoria
Founded in 1953 Vittoria Industries Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires, with an annual production of more than 7 million tires and 900,000 famous tubulars and cotton tires. In January 2013, Vittoria opened a new 11 million dollar compound factory, which hosts one of the most innovative R&D centers ever dedicated to the cycling industry. Its research & development center develops the best racing tires for all levels, especially the unique Corsa Series cotton tires.

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