How To Find The Perfect Kids Bike

Learning to ride is one of life’s great experiences. Bikes help children develop coordination, build confidence and create healthy habits from a young age. Not to mention they’re great fun! If choosing the right children's bike for your little one feels like a daunting task, following this guide from our expert staff.

Balance Bikes
Balance Bikes (1-4 Years Old, 80-105cm Tall)
The best way to start out is with a safe and simple balance bike. A two wheeled pedal-less bike teaches kids as young as 18-months to safely develop balance, steering, and motor skills. Balance Bikes inspire confidence, coordination, freedom and independence while helping your child become mobile and active at an astonishingly early age.
12 Inch Bikes
12 Inch Wheels (2-3 Years Old, 80-95cm Tall)
Their first real pedal bike! The same 12 inch size wheels as a balance bike but with pedals! 12 inch bikes feature a simple to use single speed drivetrain with a coaster brake also commonly known as a pedal back brake. All 12 inch bikes also come with removable training wheels to make it a fun and safe experience for kids learning to ride a pedal bike.
16 Inch Bikes
16 Inch Wheels (4-6 Years Old, 90-120cm Tall)
16 inch bikes have all the same features as a 12 inch including a single speed drivetrain, removable training wheels and a coaster brake but in a bigger size and with the addition of a front hand brake.
20 Inch Bikes
20 Inch Wheels (5-8 Years Old, 110-130cm Tall)
With 20 inch bikes comes the addition of gears, allowing longer and more challenging adventures! 6/7/8 speed bikes feature a rear derailleur and front and rear hand brakes while 3 speed internally geared models feature a rear coaster brake and front hand brake. If you're little one is still learning, single speed bikes are still available in a 20" and can be fitted with training wheels.
24 Inch Bikes
24 Inch Wheels (8-11 Years Old, 125-150cm Tall)
All the features of an adults bike but in a smaller size. 24 inch bikes are the last step before jumping up to a full size adult bike. Training wheels are no longer available however if your child is still getting the hang of riding, 3 speed internally geared models with a rear coaster brake are available and keep things simple. Disc brakes, suspension and other performance features are also offered.

Need Help?
Still not sure what bikes best for you little one? Drop into one of our stores where we can help size up your child. Alternatively you can email one of our expert staff members who can help to ensure you purchase the right bike for your child’s growth and development. All our bikes come fully assembled by our specially trained bike mechanics giving you peace of mind plus all our bikes come with 2 free services over the first year.