What is an e-bike?

An e-bike, also known as an electric bike, is a bicycle fitted with an electric motor to assist with riding. E-bikes feature a small motor that assists your pedal-power. With this added propulsion, you can tackle challenging terrains and hills without wearing yourself out, which is why they’re becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

What are the benefits of an electric bike?

Compared to a traditional pedal-powered bicycle, e-bikes enable you to ride faster and over longer distances because they feature a small motor that provides additional propulsion. Despite being more powerful than conventional bikes, electric bikes in Australia are still allowed in the bike lane, meaning you can still skip road traffic on your way to work – you can just do it faster. You’ll also be able to take on challenging terrain and steep hills in your stride. Doing the groceries or carrying extra cargo is a breeze with the extra power provided by the motor.

If you commute to work using an e-bike instead of a car, you can reduce your carbon emissions and your transportation costs significantly. A recent study suggested that by commuting to work on an electric bike, you can save around $50 per week.

Because the average electric bicycle is much less powerful than a motorised scooter, e-bikes are much safer. Add that to their convenience, durability, eco-friendliness and pure fun, and you can see why electric bikes in Australia are in high demand.

What is the best electric bike in Australia?

Determining which is the best electric bike in Australia largely depends on your needs and hobby. For example, if you want a practical commuter, you might want a folding e-bike that you can store just about anywhere with ease. However, there is also a wide range of e-mountain bikes and hybrids available. Some of the most popular electric bikes in Australia are made by Dyson, an Australian-based manufacturer that pushes the boundaries of innovation and performance. At Bicycle Superstore we also have a variety of e-bike models from global brand leaders such as Giant, Scott, Orbea and Avanti.

How far can electric bikes go?

Most e-bikes are capable of travelling between 35 and 80 kilometers on a single charge, depending on the level of assistance selected and the terrain travelled. With relaxed pedalling, you can expect to ride as far as 130 kilometers without having to recharge the battery, though you should remember that you can still pedal your bike after the battery has drained.

How fast can electric bikes go?

E-bikes in Australia are limited to 25km/h and a maximum of 250 watts due to Australian law. Once you reach 25km/h the motor will no longer be providing pedal assistance however you can keep pedaling to ride faster than this. Any e-bike with a maximum of 250 watts and top speed of 25km/h is considered a bicycle rather than a road vehicle.

Are electric bikes worth the investment?

Electric bikes in Australia tend to cost more to purchase than traditional bikes. However, if you use your e-bike instead of your car to commute to work, the savings add up quickly. Trials indicate that the average person can save around $50 per week by e-biking to work instead of driving. Moreover, because electric bicycle batteries only need replacing every three to five years, you won’t have to pay much for maintenance.

How is the battery charged and when does it need to be replaced?

Electric bikes in Australia are simply plugged into a power outlet when they need recharging. In terms of life expectancy, you can expect your battery to remain functional for three to five years. The best way to extend the lifespan of your battery is to keep it in a dry place where it is protected from temperature fluctuations.

Do I need a license for an electric bike?

Thanks to recent changes to Australian legislature, you no longer need a license to ride an electric bike. Electric bikes in Australia with a maximum power output of 250 watts and top speed of 25km/h are now classified as bicycles rather than road vehicles, meaning you can start riding yours as soon as you collect it from our store.

Are e-bikes allowed in the bike lane?

Since changes were made to Australian law in 2012, any electric bicycle with an electric motor of 250 watts or less and a maximum speed of 25km/h is permitted in bike lanes. Make sure to check the power output when searching for an electric bike to buy online.

Can electric bikes get wet?

Like their conventional counterparts, electric bikes are generally resistant to rainy conditions, though you should store yours either indoors or under a protective cover to help prevent corrosion from the elements and eventually making their way into its electrical components. We recommend using fenders if you need to ride in the rain frequently.

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