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What Is a Folding Electric Bike?

Electric bikes appear almost identical to conventional bicycles. The key difference is that e-bikes are fitted with a motor that provides power assistance up to speeds of 25km/h. Our foldable electric bikes are a commuter’s best friend. They can cover long distances without tiring you out. And there’s no need to leave a folding electric bike outside because they can be neatly stored just about anywhere.

We stock folding electric bikes from all the leading brands. Order your bike online today, and we’ll have it ready for collection at your local store within a couple of days.

Learn More about Our Foldable Electric Bikes

Our e-bikes offer the ultimate in convenience, style and practicality. Switch to riding instead of driving to work, and you could save $50 a week, meaning our folding electric bikes virtually pay for themselves in no time. Learn more about our shipping and delivery policy. Alternatively, give us a call, and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.