Term Layby is available on an 12 week term and must be paid in full.

Collection Date Laybys must be collected by layby due date included in this document.

Deposit A 10% deposit of the total of the layby is required on each layby.

Service Fee A 10% non refundable service fee of total of the layby will be charged for each new layby.

Payments Regular fortnightly payments must be made.

Cancellation If the customer fails to maintain regular fortnightly payments, Bicycle Superstore reserves the right to cancel the agreement and place the item back on display. In these instances, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the monies paid, less the 10% service fee already paid. Customers will need to return in store with their original layby receipt in order to cancel and refund their layby.

Non Modification Individual items may not be added, removed or separated from a layby.

Identification Photo ID must be produced if you request a replacement layby document, cancel a layby, or when you finalise and collect a layby where no document can be produced.