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How do I know what size bike my child needs?

We see our kids grow up so fast, it’s hard to keep up. New clothes and new shoes are obvious, but sometimes we forget they outgrow their bikes too. Whether you’re looking for the perfect first toddler bicycle for your kid to learn on, replace your growing kid’s old bike for a new one or nurture your kid’s interest in BMX, off-road or mountain biking, we are here to help you.

Choosing the right size bike for your kid is very important to ensure their safety, comfortability and enjoyment.

As a first step, check out our helpful measuring guide below to find out what bike size is perfect for your kid:



Recommended Bike Size

18 months - 4 years

80cm to 105cm

12 inch balance bike

2-3 years


12 inch kid’s bike

4-6 years


16 inch kid’s bike

5-8 years


20 inch kid’s bike or BMX bike

8-11 years


24 inch kid’s bike

10 years and over


26 inch kid’s bike or small adults bike

What’s the best bike for my kid to learn on?

Learning to ride a bike unassisted is a big milestone and achievement for your kid. No matter what age your kid is, it is incredibly important that your kid learns how to ride on a bike that’s safe and comfortable to ensure they can gain the confidence to ride on their own two wheels.

For young beginners between 18 months - 4 years old, we recommend balance bikes. Balance bikes are similar to a normal kids bike however they don’t have pedal or a chain. Instead of pedalling they use their feet to ‘walk’ the bike developing the main skill to riding any style of bike - balance. They’re an excellent first bike for your adventurous little one to learn.

Kids aged 4 and above will likely be most comfortable on a 16 to 20 inch bike. Check out our excellent range of bikes for girls and boys, which come in fun colours and styles for your kid to choose from.

If your kid is itching to learn or try out tricks, jumps and flips, then check out our selection of BMX bikes. BMX bikes usually use 20 inch wheels however due to the different frame geometry their sizing is different to a normal childrens bike and are suitable for ages 10 and above.

Safety first! Don’t forget to pick up an adjustable helmet, to keep your kid safe. Our helmets are available in cool and bright colours, with safety features such as a rear flashing light ensuring visibility on the road or trail.

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