The all-new 2024 Scott Ransom

Scott's latest version of Ransom has been uncompromisingly engineered for maximum downhill performance and an all-time confidence inspiring ride. Killer geometry paired with a supernatural suspension kinematic result in a bike that doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Don’t hold yourself hostage, ride Ransom.

Confidence Inspiring
6-link kinematic; solid direct and precise feel to the chassis; low center of gravity; shock bearings on all models protected from the elements

Efficient climber; Incredible descender; Float X Nude suspension performance

Adjustable geo, 29”/ MX and headangle; Compatible with a wide range of shocks; Syncros integrated matchbox kit

Meticulously engineered optimal strength

Integrated Suspension Technology 6-Bar Linkage

Suspension characteristics were the key driver in the development of the all-new Ransom as Scott looked to maximize the bike’s potential. At the core of the all-new Ransom sits a 6-bar linkage paired to their integrated suspension system, which provides them with the freedom to further refine suspension characteristics. With the Ransom’s suspension layout, you get a great pedaling platform, incredible grip when braking and fantastic support when giving it the beans.

Integrated Suspension Technology 6-Bar Linkage

All suspension design is a game of balances. Traditionally there are trade-offs to be made between Leverage Ratio, Anti Squat and Anti Rise and how these affect the frame structure and frame layout itself. The 6-bar allows Scott to choose exactly how the suspension performs, providing them greater control to tune each parameter independently from each other resulting in fewer compromises and a better control of the balance. By looking at the bike as a system, this flexibility allows Scott to engineer this sweet spot between suspension performance, efficient load transfer and an optimised frame layout.


Looking at the 2024 Ransom lineup, the platform features Scott's NUDE Suspension technology with the Float-X NUDE shock from FOX custom tuned for the Ransom’s kinematic and paired with bearing hardware. When you pedal up to have the most fun on the way down, you want a shock that gives you full factory performance when things point downwards, but also a shock that won’t slow you down when you need to ride back up. This is where the Float-X NUDE shines.

2024 Scott Ransom Suspension Kinematic

Furthermore, the new Ransom is fully compatible with a wide range of coil and air shocks which are aligned inside the downtube giving a super low center of gravity, particularly important for the enduro segment where larger, heavier shocks are common.

2024 Scott Ransom Compatible Shock Options

Frame Construction

Developed as a bike for demanding gravity use, the Ransom’s frame layout features meticulously engineered structural strength. The central Bottom-Bracket area is inherently one of the stiffest areas of each frame on which the highest forces and loads act. Centering kinematic and suspension here allows Scott to use the area’s further reinforced structure for double duty; reacting to both pedaling loads and suspension loads. Being able to spread load transfer in each frame element evenly provides the Ransom with its natural strength, without the need to reinforce or oversize tubes.

2024 Scott Ransom Frame Construction


As today’s requirements are so versatile and riding preferences differ from rider to rider, adjustability became an essential part of a bike’s development process to ensure the ride experience can be adapted according to personal preferences or different racetrack conditions. As is the case with many of Scott's mountain bikes, head tube angle is adjustable. This allows for adapting to terrain and riding style. Choose between a steeper setup for increased responsiveness at lower speeds and maneuverability through slower, tighter, and more technical terrain, and a slacker angle for stability descending at higher speeds and confidence in steep terrain. The bike comes with headset cups that allow you to choose between a 65.0- or 63.8-degree head angle. All models are also shipped with additional neutral headset cups allowing for a 64.4-degree head tube angle.

2024 Scott Ransom Versatility

Featuring 29” wheels as standard, the Ransom can be ridden with a 27.5” rear wheel setup. Easily customised by using a simple flip chip, the bike is ready for 27.5” wheels in the rear depending on each rider’s preference.

The horizontal shock position makes for easy shock access and allows Scott to spec even longer dropper posts (180mm on size medium.)

2024 Scott Ransom Dropper Post Length

2024 Scott Ransom 900 RC Lifestyle

Devil In The Details

But that’s not all by a long shot. The clever integration of features into the overall concept provides the decisive advantage in the performance battle for seconds on the racetrack or chasing dream laps in the bikepark with your friends.

2024 Scott Ransom Details1) Setting Sag
Setting sag and checking travel use is easier than ever before with the new Ransom. An external indicator on the link allows the end user to easily set themselves. No need to take out ruler to calculate sag, just sit on the bike as you would for a normal sag test and check what the dial says.

2) Shock Access
Accessing the integrated shock is just a button away. The downtube cover that is featured on all Ransom models provides access and protection in the same way. The cover is easily removable - just push the button, pop off the cover and shock access is granted. The opening is spacious, making everything maintenance related and cable routing much easier. The same applies for removing the shock itself. A window on the main part of the frame gives direct access to the shock bolt holding the shock in its position.

3) Internal Storage
The easy access to the inner frame frees further possibilities: Fully integrated in the down tube is the Syncros Matchbox Kit, which contains a Spare tube, Tyre levers, Chain Tool and Multitool; This very clean and functional solution is easy to pull out and stow again ensuring one always has the necessary items in case of a trail side mechanical.


Scott have dialed in the new Ransom’s geometry combining various aspects for a confidence inspiring ride in the roughest and fastest DH sections, but without compromising the bike’s agility and precision when needed in tight corners and technical terrain.

2024 Scott Ransom Geometry

63.8 ° 63.8 ° 63.8 ° 63.8 ° 
HEAD TUBE LENGTH 95.0 MM 100.0 MM 115.0 MM 125.0 MM
TOP TUBE HORIZONTAL 569.9 MM 598.7 MM 624.4 MM 649.1 MM
STANDOVER HEIGHT 719.2 MM 725.4 MM 736.7 MM 755.3 MM
BB OFFSET -25.0 MM -25.0 MM -25.0 MM -25.0 MM
BB HEIGHT 350.0 MM 350.0 MM 350.0 MM 350.0 MM
WHEEL BASE 1,206.6 MM 1,238.8 MM 1,270.4 MM 1,299.8 MM
BB CENTER TO TOP OF SEATTUBE 380.0 MM 410.0 MM 440.0 MM 470.0 MM
SEAT ANGLE 77.0 ° 77.2 ° 77.4 ° 77.6 °
CHAINSTAY 440.0 MM 440.0 MM 440.0 MM 440.0 MM
REACH 428.0 MM 458.0 MM 483.0 MM 508.0 MM
STACK 614.8 MM 619.3 MM 632.8 MM 641.7 MM
STEM LENGTH 40.0 MM 40.0 MM 40.0 MM 40.0 MM
TRAIL 135.5 MM 135.5 MM 135.5 MM 135.5 MM
FORK LENGTH 581.0 MM 581.0 MM 581.0 MM 581.0 MM
CRANK LENGTH 170.0 MM 170.0 MM 170.0 MM 170.0 MM
2024 Scott Ransom 900 RC

Ransom Lineup

Scott Ransom 910 2024

Scott Ransom 920 2024