Bike Tracks in Melbourne to Take Your Kids These School Holidays

The school holidays are upon us, and with them come the headache that parents face when it comes to keeping their children occupied. You don’t want them roaming the streets unsupervised, but you don’t want to keep them locked up inside all day staring at a computer screen without seeing the light of day either.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix. Why not spend some quality time with your children and go bike riding? Bike riding is a fantastic form of exercise but also a great bonding exercise. So take advantage of the sunny weather and take your children out for a ride this school holidays.

We’ve compiled a handy list of family-friendly bike tracks around Melbourne that you can consider taking your kids to for an enjoyable and safe experience.

Before we begin

Before your child heads out for a ride, make sure that they are safe as possible. See the NRMA’s bike safety guide and make sure that you’ve taken all the steps necessary to keep your child as safe.

We here at the Bicycle Superstore also offer safety checks for all kids bikes so if you're unsure if your childs bike is safe, visit your nearest Bicycle Superstore — see our locations and drop in today!

Family-friendly bike tracks around Melbourne

Melbourne is truly a fantastic city for biking. No matter you live, you are likely to be within riding (or driving) distance of a family-friendly bike track, and if you’re feeling adventurous you should even consider journeying out into the countryside too.

Here’s a few great places that you can take your children these school holidays:

  • The Bay Trail. This one of the more popular trails in Melbourne, running along the edge of the scenic Port Phillip Bay. The trail is known for being suitable for beginners and seasoned riders alike, and its length of 69 km gives you great flexibility when it comes to where to start and end your ride — not to mention parking.
  • Gardiners Creek Trail. This trail winds its way through the eastern subburbs following a 17km stretch of Garinders Creek, the Monash Freeway and Box Hill Gold Course. It also links up with many of the other great Melbourne bike paths including the Anniversary Trail, Main Yarra Trail and Scotchmans Creek Trail.
  • Ruffey Lake Park. Located in Doncaster, this hilly trail is for the more seasoned riders who don’t mind one or two steep inclines now and again. The trail is bookended by two excellent playgrounds, making them the perfect destination to unwind — or warm up!
  • Lysterfield Park Trail. Nestled in Melbourne’s outer southeast and looping around Lysterfield Lake, these mountain bike trails are one of the most visited in Melbourne. It’s well-known for being a great place for kangaroo spotting.