Cycle for Humanity 2017

We don’t need to tell you that there are many benefits when it comes to cycling, from being a fantastic chance to work out your entire body to feeling the fresh air on your skin while getting around — as opposed to being stuck in a stuffy car in peak hour. But did you know that you could also be helping to save the world as well?

Now in its third year, Cycle for Humanity is a fantastic initiative launched by Bicycles for Humanity. It is an event that aims to ‘bridge the 11,100 km gap between Melbourne and Africa’. The challenge is to ride at least 110 km between the 2nd of March and the 2nd of April, and the goal of the event is to raise at least $20,000 to help achieve their mission of empowering people suffering in poverty. And if that alone is not enough to get you motivated, donating more than $110 to the cause will put you in the running to win a range of incredible prizes, including entering a draw to win a bike worth more than $1000 supplied by none other than yours truly. That’s right — we here at Bicycle Superstore are offering the chance to win a Giant Roam 0 Disk 2017 to those participating in Cycle for Humanity this year!

All people who donate more than $110 will receive a gift from the cycling accessories brand Knog, and the highest individual fundraiser will also receive a 15 day cycling return trip to Vietnam. So whether you’re donating or fundraising, Cycle for Humanity is an event that all cyclists in Melbourne should get involved in.

About Bicycles for Humanity

Bicycles for Humanity is a Melbourne-based organisation that collects unwanted bikes around Melbourne and arranges to have them sent to people in need in Africa, run entirely by a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers. Their mission to give as many people in Africa the chance to have a bike as possible stems from the countless benefits it brings — it grants greater access to things like employment, health care and education, making a small but significant difference to local communities all across the continent. Alongside this, they have also cleverly developed a model for transforming the containers that they use to send over the bikes into bicycle workshops, providing a facility for locals to make bike repairs and creating jobs. Truly an incredible organisation!